Cast Iron Key Verdigris

Cast Iron Key Verdigris

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Cast Iron Altar or Wall Key

Empower this lovely vintage-looking cast iron key with your intent.

Key is approx 4.5-inch long


Skeleton Keys
They are powerful instruments to lock and unlock doors at will, of finding that which is hidden, breaking barriers and finding safe passage, and breaking free.

The skeleton keys are also strongly associated with the magic of crossroads. Just by bringing your key at a crossroads (especially during the witching hour or on specific days) you would be opening to doors to anything your heart desires – be it new projects, solutions, wisdom, love, success, financial prosperity, etc.

The skeleton key has very deep symbolism attached to it, the basic ideas being ‘unlocking’ and ‘opening doorways’ – of any kind. Unlocking new solutions, ‘finding the key to the problem’ sort to speak, opening doors both physically and spiritually.

Just think of all the phrases like ‘the key of life’, ‘the key to my heart’, ‘key phrase’, ‘the key of wisdom’ and others such as these. If having ONE key opens a whole new possibility, imagine what having a skeleton key can do.

The skeleton key has been found in ancient lore as well– the Greeks associated it with Hecate (She held the key to all magic) and the Romans attributed it protective properties (securing the doors of the home and keeping evil from entering).

A skeleton key can be used in any rituals aimed at opening doorways, finding new possibilities, finding ‘hidden treasures’ of information and knowledge (physically, spiritually, mentally), breaking mental blocks, breaking magical blocks, etc.

A skeleton key can also be infused with talismanic attributes – especially during times in your life when you feel you can’t pass through a certain situation, you find yourself stuck and without hope or ideas, when you lose inspiration, when you go through periods of intense change in your life. Thusly, you will basically hold the keys of unlocking new prospects and finding solutions.

You can also use a skeleton key as a home protection amulet, perhaps tie one to a bundle of protective herbs or to a charm bag of protective herbs and salt and hang it above the front door (and back door if you have it).

Skeleton keys are also associated with psychopomp Deities such as Anubis, Deities that guide a soul through the Underworld or Afterlife. They possess the means of unlocking safe havens, corridors’ doors, hidden places and judgement chambers, etc. (‘The Keys to Paradise’ – this is something that can also be found in Christianity – St. Peter is said to hold the keys to Heaven).

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