Goddess Artemis Herbal Blend & Incense
Goddess Artemis Herbal Blend & Incense
Goddess Artemis Herbal Blend & Incense

Goddess Artemis Herbal Blend & Incense

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Goddess Artemis Herbal Blend & Incense
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This is our hand blended Goddess Artemis Spell Blend. Use honor Artemis or burn while working with her
Made with all the beauty from the earth. Flower petals, herb, resin & moonstone gemstone make this blend fit for a goddess.

Use in your cauldron as incense or as a bonfire throw. You can use in an offering dish on your altar, ring candles, in mojo bags and what ever your creative mind can come up with.

Artemis, the Greek Goddess of Light and the Hunt, was known for her wildness, but also for her responsiveness to the needs of the suffering and those who were vulnerable. An early feminist, she was quick to defend the powerless from unjust treatment at the hands of the Olympian patriarchy.

The Greek goddess Artemis was fiercely independent, choosing the wild and verdant beauty beauty of the forest and mountains over marriage, parenthood, and life in a city.

Greek goddess Artemis
As goddess of the moon and the hunt, Artemis was an accomplished archer who had keen focus and a steady aim. She was always able the reach the goals upon which she set her sights. Courageous, intuitive and skillful, Artemis was the protector of all those who were vulnerable, especially women and children. In Rome Artemis was known as the Roman goddess Diana.

Goddess Artemis

Of all the Greek goddesses, the goddess Artemis was the most self-contained. Considered to be one of the "virgin goddesses", i.e. unmarried and not susceptible to the pangs of love, the goddess Artemis demanded to live her life on her own terms and was comfortable both in solitude but also in leading others.

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