Lammas Herbal Blend
Lammas Herbal Blend
Lammas Herbal Blend

Lammas Herbal Blend

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Lammas Herbal Blend
4.oz Jar by volume
Lammas Corresponding herbs, flowers, & resins

Our Lammas blend was designed for all your needs. Use as incense, to fill sachet bags, as offerings, Stuffing Poppets, Altar Sprinkle, as fire throw, to ring candles during spells and more

You can burn in your bonfire or as a loose incense in heat proof vessel with a charcoal disk and sand, also available in our shop. You only need a pinch on a disk to add a magical feel to your sacred space.

Lughnasadh (Lammas) On or around July 31st Northern Hemisphere, around February 2nd Southern Hemisphere

The Sabbat Lughnasadh, known also as Lammas, is named for Lugh - Celtic God of light and fire, and marks the decline of summer and first harvest of the grain. The Sun's strength wanes, and the plants of spring now start to wither and drop their fruits or seeds for our use, as well as to ensure future crops. As legend tells, John Barleycorn or the God of Grain, sacrificed himself to ensure there would be enough food throughout the winter. Here we give thanks for the abundance of summer's bounty, at the very time we feel an urgency to prepare for the hard months ahead.


Corn dollies, Sun Wheels, hay, gourds, cornucopia, sunflowers, garlic braids, onion braids, sheaves of grain, corn, the Sun

Festive Foods/Beverages:

Breads, salads, apples, corn, grains, elderberry wine, blackberry pies and jellies, meadowsweet tea, potatoes, summer squash, cider, berries, roasted lamb

Plants & herbs:

Acacia, ash, camphor, caraway, corn stalks, fern, geranium, heather, hollyhock, juniper, mandrake, marjoram, myrtle, oak leaf, thyme, sunflowers, wheat

Incense and oils:

Allspice, chamomile, carnation, eucalyptus, frankincense, rosemary, vanilla, safflower, passionflower, sandalwood, aloe, rose hips, rose, wood aloes


Red, gold, green, yellow, orange, brown, gray


Aventurine, citrine, peridot, sardonyx, yellow diamonds

Animals and mythical beasts:

Roosters, calves, the Phoenix, griffins, basilisk, centaurs


games, country fairs, farmers' markets, craft fairs, making corn dollies, baking bread, gathering fruits, visits to fields, orchards, canning, harvesting herbs, making oils and vinegars.

Spell/ritual work:

Offering thanks, prosperity, abundance, continued success, achieving goals


All grain, agriculture, and mother Goddesses; Alphito, Ashnan, Bast, Bau, Ceres, Dana, Demeter, Gaia, Ishtar, Isis, Libera, Luna, Persephone, Rhiannon, Robigo, Tailtiu

All grain, agriculture, Sun, and father Gods; Cernunnos, Dagon, Dionysus, John Barleycorn, Lahar, Liber, Llew, Lugh, Neper, Ningirsu/Ninurta, Odin, Osiris
Sacrificial Gods giving their lives to ensure prosperity of people and lands.

Michele Morgan, Simple Wicca

When the Northern Hemisphere observes Lughnasadh, many in the Southern Hemisphere are experiencing Imbolc.
Shabby Witch can not guarantee the outcome of any ritual or spell work done with the use of our products. Remember, it 's your intention that will cause the spell to work. Our products are only an aid for your spiritual work.

Do not ingest