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This is for one stone size & color will vary as seen 1 to 1.1/4"

Magical Properties:
Energy: Projective
Planet: Mars
Powers: Halts Bleeding,Healing Rituals,Victory, Courage,Wealth, Strength, Legal Matters, Business

Natural History

Bloodstone, or heliotrope, is green chalcedony with flecks of red due to the presence of iron oxide. Yellow or red jasper may also be present. It is found in India, Brazil, China, Australia and the United States. Another name for bloodstone is heliotrope.
History and Folklore

Christian lore states that the blood of Christ dripped onto a green stone, thus creating bloodstone.

From ancient times it was considered a valuable stone for healing and banishment of negativity and it is said would guide people who were lost.

Bloodstone is associated with the first chakra, the planet Mars, the element of fire and the zodiac signs Aries, Pisces and Scorpio.
It is the birthstone for March.
Spiritual and Magical Uses

Bloodstone is used to increase circulation of the energy through the body and release blockages.
It is said to increase immunity and to clean the blood and to halt excessive bleeding.

Placed on the thigh, bloodstone will ease the pain of childbirth and prevent hemorrhaging. Worn on the arm by a pregnant woman, bloodstone will help prevent miscarriage.

Worn on the arm by a warrior, it will help any wounds received during battle to stop bleeding quickly. It may also be worn on the breast to keep warriors feeling courageous and strong and to keep their moral high, even after grievous casualties.

Bloodstone is also used in spells to draw money or increase wealth, calm fears and anger and ensure victory in legal matters