Citrine Sphere

Citrine Sphere

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Citrine Ball Polished
This is for one stone Approx 40mm

Magical Properties:
Energy: Projective
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Powers: Protection, Anti-Nightmare, Psychism, Money

Powered by the sun, Citrine warms, cleanses, and energizes. Highly protective, Citrine never needs to be cleared, making it a great tool for transmuting negative energy. The stone of success, Citrine attracts abundance and promotes wealth. You can use Citrine to attract wealth by placing it in the far left corner of one's home, in a cash box, or drawer. Carried in the pocket or purse, these Tumbled Citrine Crystals can radiate their comforting vibrations outward to anyone nearby.

Most often associated with the Solar Plexus and Navel Chakras, tumbled Citrine can also be used to cleanse many of the Chakras. Citrine is great for helping one to reclaim their personal power. Many also use Citrine to promote creative energy and for helping to translating these thoughts into physical manifestations. Meditation with Citrine can connect the higher self to the personal will, bringing a greater sense of purpose.

These Tumbled Citrine Crystals can be used in grid work and manifestation programs. Citrine has a warm, and extra-bright energy and a sweet vibration, making it a wonderful addition to any medicine bag! Using Citrine can add power to any combination of crystals, and can provide a clarifying energy to enhance the environment.

Please note: Over time, Citrine may fade in direct sunlight.