4 Goddess Brigid Tealights Carnelian Gemstones
4 Goddess Brigid Tealights Carnelian Gemstones

4 Goddess Brigid Tealights Carnelian Gemstones

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4 Goddess Brigid's Soy Artisan Tealights Set
with flower petals & carnelian gemstones to honor the goddess

Heather scented Indulge in this enchanting aroma of sunny berries and the fae of the Irish heather.

This is our hand blended Goddess Brigid Tea Lights. Use at Imbolc or any time to honor Brigid
Made with all the beauty from the earth. Flower petals, buds and blessed with gemstones make this blend fit for a goddess.

Wouldn't these make a nice gift for you or a friend

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