Goddess Morrigan Candle 12.oz  Jar Candle
Goddess Morrigan Candle 12.oz  Jar Candle

Goddess Morrigan Candle 12.oz Jar Candle

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Goddess Morrighan /Morrigan
12.oz metal lid & Soy Wax

Scent is apple & clover, topped with heather, blackthorn berry, meadowsweet, rue, Vervain, & Moonstone.  Soy Wax

You will have a nice storage jar when done burning

This weighs Approx 2 pound when boxed for shipping

Please read below how to care for candle

Please note: These are intention candles burn for a max of 1 to 2 hours at a time, Never leave burning candles unattended these do have herbs in them. Stop burning candle when 1/4 of wax is left to prevent fire.

Please note: Make sure that the first time you burn your candle; you make it a
memory burn. A memory burn is a complete wet pool of hot wax on the top of
your candle. This will ensure that every time you burn your candle, you will not
have any tunneling around the wick, or extra wax stuck to the sides of the
container. Establishing a memory burn will also allow for your scent throw to be
the best possible since you are using all of your scented wax completely.

Please use with caution around kids & pets. Never leave candles burning unattended

Shabby Witch can not guarantee the outcome of any ritual or spell work done with the use of our products. Remember, it 's your intention that will cause the spell to work. Our products are only an aid for your spiritual work.