Blues Away Organic Herbal Tea
Blues Away Organic Herbal Tea
Blues Away Organic Herbal Tea
Blues Away Organic Herbal Tea

Blues Away Organic Herbal Tea

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The Blues Away Tea

1.oz Brown foil lined zippy bag
1.oz of Tea is Approximately 13 to 16 cups

Certified Organic

Beat those "down in the dumps" feelings with this wonderful and great tasting infusion. Blended with botanicals known for their mood boosting effects; this tea is mild enough to use on a daily or a delightful pick me up for those isolated times of need.

Rigorous with a rich green finish.

Deeply penetrating aroma strong in mint with herbaceous attributes.
Brewed color and time

Golden. 3-4 minutes

Caffeine content
Caffeine free


Organic Nettle leaf, organic St. John's wort, organic, organic Spearmint leaf, organic Valerian root, and organic Stevia.

Serving Size for Loose Leaf Teas: 1/2 to 1 tsp in a tea strainer per 5 to 8 oz. cup
Number of Servings per 1 oz. of Tea: Approximately 13 to 16 cups depending on how strong you like
your tea


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