Goddess Cerridwen Oil

Goddess Cerridwen Oil

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Goddess Cerridwen Oil

Notes of Bergamot, Cardamon, Moroccan Rose, East Indian Amber, Cedarwood, Peony, Vanilla & Sandalwood

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This week we’re going to look at the patron Goddess of the Sacred Mists Tradition, Cerridwen.

Cerridwen is the Keeper of the Cauldron, the mother of transformation and change. She brings inspiration, wisdom and the gifts of prophecy to those that work with her. She is seen in Welsh legend as being a crone Goddess, creating a triad with Blodeuwedd and Arianrhod. Cerridwen’s energy resonates with the darker elements of the Goddess and has connections to the Underworld. The meaning of her name is somewhat debatable. There is the more modern, new age interpretation that claims to to mean “white sow” yet in the early texts where her name is first found, spelled “Cyrridven”, it is interpreted to mean “crooked woman” (“cyrrid” meaning crooked and “ben” meaning woman). With the change of spelling to Cerridwen the etymology changed and her name could then be seen to mean something to the effect of “blessed or sacred woman”. There are still other spells of her name that you’ll see from different time periods as well including Ceridwen, Caridwen and Kyrridwen.

In the Welsh myths and legends of The Mobinogion, we see the legendary story of Cerridwen where she puts a young boy named Gwion in charge of stirring and watching over a cauldron, known as Amen (which later became Awen, a Welsh word meaning “poetic inspiration” and what is believed to be contained within her cauldron), full of a magickal brew she was making for her son Morfran that would make him very wise and knowledgeable in order to make up for his physical failings as he was very ugly. Cerridwen figured that he’d miss opportunities because of his looks but should he have endless knowledge he would have more changes. The brew which consisted of six herbs would need to brew within the her cauldron for a year and a day and would need to be watched constantly. She gives strong instructions to Gwion not to spill anything out the cauldron since only three drops of the brew will be useful to her son since the rest will become poison. On the last day Gwion accidently splashes several drops of the hot liquid on his hand as he is stirring and in a movement of reflex he puts his hand to his mouth and sucks on the burn only to suddenly become enlightened with this great power and wisdom intended for Morfran since he has taken within these three drops of magickal brew. The rest becomes poison and knowing that the contents of the cauldron will be of no use to Cerridwen, Gwion flees in fear. From here we see a wonderful and magickal dance of shapshifting and transformation as Cerridwen changes into the form of many different creatures to chase down Gwion who now also has the power of transformation and begins to shift as well during this dance. Eventually at the end Cerridwen catches up to Gwion and swallows him, taking him within to transform him further. Nine months later Cerridwen gives birth to a boy named Taliesin, one of the greatest poets to ever live.

The story of Cerridwen and her symbols provide us with a wonderful story for transformation and understanding the idea of cycles in our lives and the lives of all things around us, including nature. She beings by trying to take the shadow element of her son Morfran and using her cauldron to create a potion of wisdom to transform him. Here we the concepts of “brewing” knowledge for a year and a day, letting this simmer and marinate and come together during a process of tending to the fires that keep the process going. We then see that, through taking in this knowledge deeply and letting it do it’s work, flowing with it and letting it transform and change us, we have the ability to experience many different things. We may also find that we need to chase after what we truly desire as a result of desiring knowledge (like chasing down your dreams). Once we make the transformation we may need to let it ruminate some more and nurture and care for our projects or knowledge and then, when the time is right, the fruits of our labor are born.

Cerridwen, while having her dark side, is just as much a mother as she is a crone. Her crone aspect encompasses her wisdom but as a mother she nurtures that wisdom and the growth that it brings. She is an approachable Goddess though, if you come to her asking to be shown knowledge, truth and wisdom in any aspect, whether mundane, magickal or spiritual, she will put you through tests and trials and will make you earn that which you seek. She isn’t a Goddess that hands things out to the ungrateful and she isn’t one that spoonfeeds love and wisdom, but for those that are willing to truly seek out the Holy Grail, as her cauldron is sometimes seen to represent, then she will help you uncover it. Working with Cerridwen will transform you and you will find that your views, your path and your spirituality will be vastly different once you have passed her tests.

Some areas of working that Cerridwen can be helpful with include:
Aging, aminal magick, the arts, astral travel, astrology, magickal brewing, clarity, creation and creativity, darkness, death, destruction, discipline, disease, divination, dreams, energy of the lunar eclipse, enchantment, enlightenment, exorcism, fate, fear, fertility, grief, guidance, healing and health, herbs, initiation, inspiration, intuition, judgment, justice, karma, law, learning, longevity, dark and light magick, lunar magick, meditation, mysteries, night, oaths, obstacles, opportunities, poetry, power, protection, psychic abilities, rebirth, regeneration, reincarnation, renewing, retribution, revenge, shapeshifting, sorcery, spellcasting, tarot, transformation, truth, Underworld, wisdom, witchcraft, woodlands, writing.

Colors associated with Cerridwen include:
purple, black, gray, white and silver.

Seasonally Cerridwen can be associated with the Sabbats of:
Yule and Samhain

Animals associated with Cerridwen include:
Hen and white sow

Herbs and essences associated with Cerridwen include:
Vervain, vanilla, almond and bergamont

Stones and crystals associated with Cerridwen include:
Coral, agate and carnelian

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