Mabon Box
Mabon Box
Mabon Box
Mabon Box
Mabon Box
Mabon Box
Mabon Box

Mabon Box

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Mabon Altar Box

I have put a lovely Mabon altar box together. Inside you will find the following.

1- Bundle of 2 min Corn ( colors will vary )
1- Bottle Mabon Oil
1-Mini Wicker Cornucopia
1- Bag of Potpourri farmhouse Cider scent
1- Jumbo Mabon Tea light with sunstone, hazel, sunflower, marigold, farmhouse cider
1- Mabon Casting herb/Incense Blend with sunstone gem stone
1- 3 x 3 Bag Mums
1- 3 x3 Bag Marigolds
1- 3 x 3 Bag Rue
1- 2 Charcoal Disk
1- 3 x 3 Bag Burgundy Sand for your Cauldron
1- Box Altar offerings ( will vary )
1-Besom Approx 6" Tall
1- 3 x 3 Bag of Honeyroo Tea conjures the heady aromas of late summer berries, roses and honey.
4 BOS Pages on Parchment Paper
1- Mabon Book


Never leave a burning candle unattended.
Never leave a burning candle unattended around pets or children.
Never burn candles in a drafty area.
Never burn a candle without a safe base underneath it

WARNING! You must be 18 years old to purchase items. The Shabby Witch is not responsible for the mishandling of herbs, candles and or essential oils DO Not use essential oils if Pregnant. Herbs are for Ritual work Only