Peace & Harmony  Herbal Blend
Peace & Harmony  Herbal Blend

Peace & Harmony Herbal Blend

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Peace & Harmony Herbal Blend
4.oz  Jar by volume

Our Peace blend was designed for all your spell working needs. Use to fill sachet bags to ring candles during spells and more. Contains Flowers, herbs, Sodalite gemstone.
You can Burn as a loose incense in heat proof vessel with a charcoal disk and sand, also available in our shop. You only need a pinch on a disk to add a magical feel to your sacred space.

But our blends can also be used for so much more

Spell Sachets

Floor Sweep

Cast into a ritual fire

Stuffing Poppets

Mojo Bags, Conjure Bags

Herbal Offerings

Altar Sprinkle

Ringing Candles

Hand blended by Shabby Witch